Le Croissant Bleu” is an example of an online reservation system for a restaurant. This application allows a number of tasks to be carried out for a typical restaurant such as customer bill calculations, table reservations and the display of Menu information.

Login Page

The login page has session management incorporated into the application. User details are checked against security details in a MySql database in the data tier. The login in page was developed in JSF.

Welcome Page

The welcome page was developed in JSP and links to a number of other pages in the application. It also has RSS feeds to the bottom of the page that illustrates some of the latest offers from the restaurant.

Bill Calculator

The Bill Calculator page allows the user of the application to perform bill calculations for different customers in the restaurant. In order for the page to be more responsive it utilizes AJAX technology. The program pulls data from the database and populates the drop down menus. If one food type is changed a partial page request can be made by clicking on the calculate button. The total for the meal is then recalculated.

Reservations And Reservations Bookings Page

These pages were developed in JSP. Java beans are also used here in the background. Some of the data that is entered by the user is validated through the use of regular expressions.


This is Servlet that pulls the menu data from the database.

Click on the link below to see the application. Simply enter my last name with no spaces in lower case for the user name and password.

Le Croissant Bleu Restaurant